TBP Response to COVID-19

TBP Tribe,


With the Shelter in Place/Stay at Home orders in effect across multiple states around the nation and the world, and the rapid spread of this virus needing to be stopped, we will be doing our part to flatten the curve!

What this means for TBP and those veterans and service members in need, as well as our volunteers:


ALL TBP face to face interactions are cancelled until further notice.

Veterans and service members may still apply for financial assistance! Our executive board will still review once a month and as needed for emergency situations. 


Food and hygiene items will be paused during this time. If in serious need, we will work with you to find a solution through other available resources. Care packages and merchandise orders are also currently on hold until further notice. Our dedicated volunteers want to go above and beyond, but their safety, your safety, and the safety of others are our priority right now! Our dedicated USPS workers are also our priority and we want to do our part in lightening their work load, so that they too, can get home quickly and safely to their loved ones.

For our volunteers, all work/volunteer days are cancelled until further notice to abide by our states leadership and reduce the spread of this virus.

Our March, in-person, meeting is cancelled. Our Leadership Volunteer Board will still be holding an online conference and we will be releasing any pressing updates later this week


Please visit back for all updates regarding TBP and the COVID-19 pandemic. We will also be sharing these updates across all social media platforms.

During this period of “unknowns and uncertainties” we want to let you know our wheels will still be turning to "Support the Lives that Fought for Ours," just from afar for now. We appreciate your support and understanding! We are praying for our country, the world and those essential workers remaining in harms way. Stay safe, and remember to wash your hands. We look forward to gathering together once this has passed. 


Love and God Bless, 

TBP Leadership

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