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Mary Ingles HWY Silver Grove, KY

This volunteer project launched in May 2019 after the City of Silver Grove, KY paid forward a property donation they received from Barry and Susan Jolly, and then GIFTED to TBP! As a community or "Tribe" as we like to call it, we have completely renovated this home from the ground up. Through a global pandemic, unexpected renovation curveballs, engineer drawings, inspections, permits, we are finally ready to say TBP Tribe is ready to GIFT this turnkey home to a veteran!


Our selfless volunteers tore off and replaced the old roof, rotted floor joists, reconstructed walls, installed whole home new plumbing, electric wiring and panel, tore up and laid updated flooring, knocked out and replaced all of the windows, and replaced ALL major home mechanicals!! This house was truly turned into a home from the ground up, all to provide a mortgage-free home for an active service member or honorably discharged veteran.



TBP recognizes that everyones situation is unique. When evaluating applicants for our TBP Home, the volunteer Executive Board along with the city of Silver Grove City Council Members will consider the following criteria:    

  1. U.S. Military Service Member/ Veteran discharged under honorable conditions(no signs of misconduct).

  2. DD214 will be verified. Signed consent for Background check required. 

  3. Proof of funds for ability to cover monthly property utility expenses, property tax, home expenses.


If you feel that you meet the program eligibility requirements and would like to begin the application process, please click here.

Application process will be closed for review 04-JULY -2021 Zero hundred hours. NO Exceptions.